Harvest Nutrition is a coalition on a mission to put living foods into the mouths of people during a time of nutritional famine, for the saving of many lives (Genesis 50:20).  Our vision is to accomplish this mission through the following 4 primary avenues:

1. Life-Changing Products - connecting people to the health products that will bring the most benefit.  Check out blog.harvestnutrition.com.

2. Education - connecting people with health-transforming knowledge. See the blogWeston A Price FoundationThe Maker’s DietBrenda WatsonGerson Institute, etc.

3. Giving - partnering with like-minded organizations that give organic / locally grown foods, nutrition education, and community gardening opportunities to those in need (Matthew 25:40, James 1:27). Organizations we’ve donated to: Manna ReliefGrowing PowerBeyond Organic Foundation.

4. Activism -  to support organizations and individuals that are working to positively redefine legislation, media, education, corporate America and public opinion pertaining to nutrition and health in our communities, nation and world.  A local example: Good Foods Co-op.

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